What People are Saying about "London 2012 WHAT IF?"

 "It's been a long time since I literally can't put a book down. Read this from cover to cover in one sitting. Devastated when it finished. Now uploading everything I can by this author. Cannot praise this highly enough."

"I just loved this book. Parallel universes? I was hooked! Very pleasantly written and easy to follow. The concept and idea of this tale are riveting and really got me thinking about could it really be happening all around us?"

"Irvine never disappoints. This story tells of a young married man who suddenly finds himself in a parallel version of his life in 2012 in which he is a successful advertising executive with a beautiful home, married to the woman with whom he'd been considering having an affair in his old life. However, he discovers in this life that he is not really a very nice person and he misses his original wife and daughters."

The Ultimate ebook for Commuters

This book was written for the commuter, for anyone who sits for hours every day travelling back and forward to work, and wondering...'is this the life I should be living? Have I made the right choices? ' ...and then wished for something else...

The new alternative to The Time Traveler's Wife, this is a must read for everyone, regardless of what city you work in, or in which country you live. People the world over will identify with the story told within these pages. As the story progresses, some will feel guilty, some will cry, some will laugh, ...but all will follow the plight of James Quinn, a man who is not unlike so many of us all.

Are you happy with your life? Content with all the choices you've ever made?

If you were given the chance to reverse all the bad decisions you've ever made, would you take it?

James Quinn was given that chance. One day during the normal commute to work, he stepped off the train and found himself in a world where all his 'wrong' decisions had been corrected. And in this world, all his dreams had come true: an amazing job, an incredible house, and he's even married to the woman of his dreams... Everything seems perfect!

Or is it?

Follow James as he starts to miss his old life, his real wife, and his children, and starts to dream of the world he once had.

Can he meet his previous wife in this new world, and fall in love all over again?

Already read by thousands of people around the world, this magical book will make you laugh, cry, and turn the pages into the wee, small, hours of the night.

It's time to follow James Quinn and buy a ticket on the London Underground. Just watch out for the moment when the train doors open and time seems to stand still, letting you step from reality into your dreams…

Two worlds. Two women. One love.

What would you do?

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