The Kill Switch: A Gripping Psychological Thriller 

When AI (Artificial Intelligence) goes rogue and threatens humanity, can anyone stop it and save the world?
Yes, Cyber Specialist Ray Luck! Or can he...?
The Most Relevant Crime Thriller of 2023!

“If the phone rings. Don't answer it!”

Are you interested in AI and have heard of ChatGPT?
Are you intrigued by the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence?
Then read the Kill Switch, and delve into the dangers and discover the dark side of AI.

Based on fact, this crime thriller will intrigue, scare and shock you! You’ll pray this story doesn’t ever come true!

The Story:
What ‘1984’ was to the twentieth century, this book may be the equivalent for today’s generation, and beyond.

When Ray Luck, leader of a covert offshore operations group is asked to help MI5 and MI6 defend the UK from attack, he finds himself facing a threat which some experts consider to be the greatest danger facing
humanity today. A threat that few people know about, but which some world leaders fear above all others.

More dangerous than the threat of climate change or nuclear war.

It wasn’t meant to happen so soon. Perhaps in twenty years, but not now!
And no one is ready for it.

So, can Ray Luck stop it?

Or is the fate of humanity already sealed and beyond his control?

If you're looking for a thriller, you’ve come to the right place.

This book will ‘thrill you’. It will keep you up till the wee small hours of the night. And after reading it, you will tell your friends. You'll discuss it with others. And you'll do your own research.

You'll look up TWO WORDS on the internet to see if this book was based on truth or was made up.

You'll hope it is not real.

But you will be scared, worried, "thrilled" when you find out the truth.

If the phone rings. Don't answer it!

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