London 2012 : What If ? (A Romantic Mystery Adventure)   

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The Ultimate ebook for Commuters

This book was written for the commuter, for anyone who sits for hours every day travelling back and forward to work, and wondering...'is this the life I should be living? Have I made the right choices? ' ...and then wished for something else...

The new alternative to The Time Traveler's Wife, this is a must read for everyone, regardless of what city you work in, or in which country you live. People the world over will identify with the story told within these pages. As the story progresses, some will feel guilty, some will cry, some will laugh, ...but all will follow the plight of James Quinn, a man who is not unlike so many of us all.

The Story :

Contemplating having an affair, bored with work, and convinced there must be something more to it all, James Quinn is a man just about to enter a mid-life crisis.

At the pinnacle of his career, James leads a successful life. But is it the right life? Instead of a Product Manager in a Telecommunications company, should he have been a plumber, an Olympic athlete, or a stockbroker, or an artist?

Life, as they say, isn't a practice run.

This is it.

Convinced the 'grass is greener' everywhere else, and worried that he may be missing out, James Quinn is a man full of doubts.

Then one day, during the normal daily commute to work in London, he looks up from reading his book on the underground and doesn't recognise the station name on the Jubilee Line, and everything changes.

Emerging onto the platform at "New Cross Gate North", James finds that Canary Wharf has vanished. Gone.

And so has Mayor Boris Johnson, Selfridges and Mobile Phones.

Instead, James finds himself in a different London, where the city he used to know is now changed and every moment is a voyage of discovery into a new life.

A new life which forces him to revaluate everything he used to have, and to realise just how much he loved his wife after all.

The question is, is it too late to find a way back to the old life, and the London he used to know?

Or will he be stuck forever in this other world, yearning for the green, green grass of homeā€¦


If you commute to work, buy this book. If you know anyone else who commutes to work, tell them about this book. If you live in London in England and sit beside someone on the 'tube' who is not reading this book, tell them to buy this book.

Calling all commuters..., people who are wondering about the choices you have made in life, ...anyone who has ever looked at another person on the train or bus or airplane and wondered, just what it was that they did for a living....this book is for you!

Read. Enjoy. And be grateful for the life you have. In this world, ... or another.

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  London 2012 : What If?  



 London 2012 : What If?  


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Tell your friends...Five Stars!, 27 Jan 2012

This review is from: London 2012 : What If ? ( A Romantic Mystery Adventure) (Kindle Edition)

Just loved this. Loved it. Loved it. Some parts were really touching. I'm not going to say I cried, but I will say I swallowed hard. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.



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