The Orlando File: A Genetic Conspiracy Thriller

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Genetic Thriller with a Twist

Genetics is the future. But what sort of future does it offer for mankind? Is it a good future or a bad future?

Would it be good if we were all able to live much longer, or more healthy, enabled lives? Would it be good for us in the long term? Would it be good for our country? Our Society?

Questions. The answers are not so simple.

I am the author of 'The Orlando File', a genetic thriller that takes the reader on a voyage of discovery and learning,... and through an action packed story line, attempts to lead the reader through an introduction to genetics and stem-cell research. I create a dilemma and invite the reader to chose which answer they will personally decide upon within the novel.

Outside of the book, or in parallel with it, I would like to start a debate about the potential this new science offers for us all. Is it for good, or for bad? Perhaps you want to join in this debate...?

Regardless of the science weaved between the lines of the storyline, every reader who follows the trail of the hero, Kerrin Graham, will discover a simple, little known fact, that could add 10 to 20 years to their life.

If you read the novel, you may start to ask questions, or you may simply choose to live longer. Either way, you will not put down the book and simply forget it.

Watch out for my blog. But for now, take a dip, take a stroll, walk through the pages of 'The Orlando File: A Genetic Conspiracy Thriller', and when you come to the end of the journey, ask the question, "What would I do, if I were Kerrin Graham, and I was faced with the same choice as he?"


The Orlando File


The Orlando File


Why I wrote a Genetic Thriller that intertwines a Conspiracy and Adventure?

New to ebooks, but not new to writing, my first ebook is a thriller based upon something that I learned about twenty years ago. A fact which stayed with me, throughout my scientific career, and which then formed the basis for the first of several novels which explore how the science is about to change the world, and how not everyone wants it to change. I used to teach science at university, and in my novels I endeavour to teach the reader something interesting, by introducing them to science without them knowing it. It’s never science fiction, always science fact, and always entirely plausible, ..but with an enjoyable twist.

In my first novel that is being released on Amazon for Kindles and iPADs, as well as from other major ebook providers,  the reader can learn a simple scientific fact that is guaranteed to extend the span of their life. And for less than the price of a pint of beer, you can discover this fact and live 10-20 years longer. If you want to.

But do others want you to?

Based upon an incident that took place a while ago (in real life but which was hushed up very quickly!), and which some of you might remember?...the book starts with six scientists from the same research team who all commit suicide, weeks before their announcement of a miraculous discovery in the field of genetics is revealed.

Why did they die? What secret were they killed to protect?

Follow Kerrin Graham, a reporter from the Washington Post as he follows the trail..and finds himself slowly embraced by a moral dilemma which will lead every reader who reads the book to asking themselves: "What would I do in his situation? What decision would I make"?

If you read the novel, you may start to ask questions, or you may simply choose to live longer. Either way, you will not put down the book and simply forget it.

What is says on the cover

The Orlando File is a fast paced genetic thriller, based upon the latest state-of-the-art discoveries in genetics and stem-cell research. The result is a truly scientific adventure but with a thrilling conspiracy twist.

When Kerrin Graham, a retired cop and now an investigative journalist with the Washington Post, receives a call in the middle of the night, his life is about to be turned upside down.

Six of the world's leading geneticists have all 'committed suicide' in the past seven days, his brother-in-law being the latest to die. Establishing that those who died were all employees of the Gen8tyx Company, a secretive research company based in Orlando, Kerrin sets out to discover the truth behind their deaths.

Discovering that those who died were killed to stop them unveiling the results of their revolutionary stem-cell research, a discovery that could usher in a new age of hope and health for all humanity, Kerrin vows to find who was responsible for their deaths and to uncover the powerful secret they were killed to protect.

On a trail that takes him around the world and back, Kerrin uncovers a sinister organisation that will stop at nothing to protect the secret behind the mysterious 'Orlando Treatment'.

When those around him start to die, and his wife disappears, it becomes a race against time to find the missing 'Orlando File', ...and the only hope of saving his crippled wife.

And yet, when Kerrin eventually understands just what the Orlando File contains, he is faced with a choice no man should ever have to make, and everyone who reads this book must ask the same question:
"What would I do, if I were him?"

...and anyone who reads this book could learn a simple little known medical fact that could extend their life by 20 years. 


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The Orlando File


The Orlando File


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the novel! Please let me know what you think: EMAIL ME 



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“You must read this pacey novel! When prominent scientists start disappearing things heat up - this fast paced story really keeps you turning pages and ends up with an unexpected twistand a real dilema. A great travel book that'll keep you entertained while making you think and with more than a smidgen of good science too!” Lindy

“This is a fast moving and very modern thriller that makes fascinating reading. Tackling the hot subject of medication and big business, the author takes on an area that many would prefer to avoid. This globe-trotting novel rushes to a conclusion that took me totally by surprise. An excellent read.” SOS

 “Highly entertaining, fast paced thriller novel. The story line is full of twists and suspense yet very realistic and topical. Well written, I was particularly fascinated by convincing thriller plot within scientific research into genetics. In fact I was unable to put it down till I finished reading! Recommend it to all.”  Katarzyna

“Outstanding, a must-read for any and all thriller novel fans! Glued to the screen and could not put it down!
The great combination of characters, story line and unexpected twists....kept me guessing the entire time. Overall a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable read!” Simon



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